3 examples of Osvaldo's Antique-Style Handmade boxes and a large version of the Visconti deck just to the right.


Step 1: Osvaldo uses a large Visconti deck from one his box sets to measure the size of the new box he is making. He does not use a ruler to measure height and width, finding his way lends itself to a more 'antique' look.


Step 2: He cuts the measured cardboard box parts with an Exacto knife and sharp scissors, checking the fit around the large Visconti deck for accuracy.


Step 3: The bottom half of the box will be double thick with the inner cardboard pieces rising up 1 1/2 inch (4cm) higher than the outer layers. The inner and outer pieces are stapled together (and will be collaged over later).


Step 4: Osvaldo uses the Visconti deck to measure the width and height of both box halves to make certain it fits.


Step 5: To the right of Osvaldo you can see one of his larger Tarot boxes created by using this same format.


Step 6: Bottom and top ends of the box are cut from cardboard to fit snugly over the longer sides and then attached with scotch tape, trimming any bit hanging over the edges first. When both halves of the box are a good fit and pass the deck fitting test they are ready to be collaged. Sometimes Osvaldo adds a larger cardboard platform to the bottom of the box as well. (An example of this style is shown in the top and bottom pics.)


Step 7: Collage box with strips of stained paper: Brown strips of paper are applied with watered down white glue. One layer or so of overlapping stained paper is applied. Osvaldo doesn't bother collaging the inside of the box except the opening edges.


Papers collaged onto the box were created by staining ordinary 'copy' paper with brown wood stains, which was then dried and cut into strips. This uneven coloring adds to the 'antique look'.


Step 8: Once the watered-down glue used to apply paper strips has dried, another partial layer of 'Tarot themed' papers is then collaged on and let to dry. Then the outside was glazed with a 'Modge Podge' substance (water based clear coating/finish).


Step 9: Once the collaged material has been allowed to fully dry then Cardboard-thick Visconti Tarot cards are fastened on with glue and decorative metal tacks on all 4 corners. And lastly Osvaldo's signature wax seal adds a final touch.


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