This cool page was created for a Blog by my new friend Kat Conte; an artist, filmmaker and expat living the life in Italy. I'm anxious to meet her this Autumn on our next Tarot tour.
Grazie per tutto, mia bella amica!

Tarot History Tour Milan

Visconti Tarot History

il Meneghello

Museo dei Tarocchi - Tarot Museum

Niki de Saint Phalle's Tarot Garden

Tour Organizers Arnell, Michael and Tour Guide Morena

One of the more fascinating discoveries I’ve made when I moved to Italy was the Tarot Art and History Tour. It was more of a happy accident as I was browsing over the net, surprised to find such a particular niche. Excited to further explore the combined awesomeness of art and symbolism that Tarot brings together, I connected with Arnell Ando, Jungian-based Expressive Arts therapist, tarot artist, and host for the upcoming tour. Here she shares a bit on what to expect on this year’s tour:

The Tarot Art & History Tour of Northern Italy is in its second year. We plan to expand on these types of tours in the coming years since we find them so meaningful for us and for everyone that joins us on these adventures. We visit many places of Tarot relevance beginning with the Visconti/Sforza castle, and the wonderful Tarot shop of Osvaldo Menegazzi - il Meneghello in Milano. We explore several beautiful locations such as Ferrara and Bologna, searching for symbols in the ancient art, while also following the evolution of Tarot, including the amazing Musei dei Tarrocchi or Tarot Museum and the grand Tarot Garden of Niki de Saint Phalle. We spend a week in an ancient castle in the Tuscany region while we visit inspiring places such as Firenze, Pienza and Siena, which also share an early Tarot connection.

More information on how to be part of this year's tour here. Hope to see you!
~ Kat Conte of the blog: Zero the One