Tarocchi del Respiro - Tarot of Breath
Artist: Giovanni Monti
Text: Leaflet (in Italian) by Giovanni Monti
Number of Cards: 22 Major Arcana
Cards Numbered, Untitled
Theme: Surreal Collage Imagery
Card Backs: Reversible (Museum's Standard Back)
Card Size: (Approximately) 2.7 x 4.7 Inches, 6.8 x 12 cm
Limited Edition of 500 Decks, Numbered & Signed by the Artist
Publication Year: 2006
Published by Museo Dei Tarocchi - Hermatena
Packaging: Cardboard Box with Sample Card on Front, Info on Back
Price: € 30.00 Euro + Italian Postage
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Description: This is a breathtaking, surreal look at the Major Arcana. Dark and dreamy collages which may awaken primal hopes and fears as one meditates with the cards. A deeply evocative and wildly expressive deck recommended for collectors, artists and those seeking an inspired alternative to the traditional.

Tarocchi del Respiro

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