Tarocchi di Connessione
Il Cammino dei 22 Arcani Maggiori
Artist: Jessica Angiulli
Text: Leaflet with descriptions in Italian or English by Jessica Angiulli
Number of Cards: 22 Major Arcana
Style: Surreal
Cards Numbered, Titled in both Italian & English
Card Backs: Reversible (Museum's Standard Back)
Card Size: (Approximately) 4.75" H x 2.75" W, 7 x 12 cm
Limited Edition of 500 Signed & Numbered Decks
Publication: 2006
Packaging: Cardboard Box with Interlocking Flaps - Sample Card on Front, Info on Back
Published by Museo Dei Tarocchi - Hermatena
Price: € 25.00 Euro + Italian Postage
*Special price for U.S. Customers Below

Description: This is an imaginative and surreal vision of the 22 Major Arcana. The artwork by Jessica Angiulli is exceptional and compelling. Many of the cards, which are numbered and titled both in Italian & English are renamed, though the symbolism on the cards is easily recognizable.The Empress becomes Re-generating, the Emperor - Cultivating, the Chariot is renamed Direction, Judgment is Conscience and so on. (You can request an English version of the leaflet.) This deck invites the seeker on a mysterious journey through the 22 connected symbolic images and is especially suitable for meditation and contemplation. It is recommended for artists, collectors and fans of the art style of Dave McKean.

Tarocchi di Connessione

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*Here is a A4 size 3 page pdf of this deck's text in English kindly shared by Bobby. Thanks! And kudos to the artist Jessica too.

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