Il Gioco dei Tarocchi: Gli Arcani Maggiori
22 Major Arcana Cards (22 Arcani Maggiori)
Artist: Gioia Giorio
Theme: Sepia-toned Etchings
Text: Leaflet (in Italian)
Card Size: (Approximately) 6" H x 4" W, 15 x 10 cm
Limited Edition of 100 Numbered, Signed Decks
Printed on Textured, Cream-colored Matte Cardstock
Book-style Cover, with Sample Card, Tied with Twine,
and Stamped with Hot Wax Seal (see below)
Card Backs: Blank
Publication Year: 2008
Published by Museo Dei Tarocchi - Hermatena
Cost for Deck: €45.00 + Italian Postage
*Special price for U.S. Customers Below

Description: These wonderfully whimsical images evoke a playful, irreverent perspective on the Traditional Tarot. The etchings are primarily sepia-toned, with splashes of pinks, greens and blues. The cards are printed on slightly textured, cream-colored matte cardstock which adds to the allure of a special collection of artwork. This delightful deck is recommended for collectors and Tarot art enthusiasts. Only 100 numbered, signed copies are available.

A humble attempt to translate the artist, Gioia Giorio's own comments:
The choice of these images is intentionally ironic because the faithful joker that has guided me to their meanings did so in a spirit that the ancient symbols could mature over time for me. I have not thought it opportune to explain all the details of each Tarot card, in order to leave space for personal interpretation, to respect the intuition and sensibility of everyone.

Il Gioco dei Tarocchi: Gli Arcani Maggiori

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