LiteraTarot Deck, America
A Numbered Limited Editon Major Arcana Deck
Published by the Museuo Dei Tarocchi, Italy
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The LiteraTarot Deck, USA
Hosted by Arnell Ando
Created by 22 American Artists
Each Making an Original Art Card

The Fool

This Deck was Published by
Museo Dei Tarocchi -
Museum of Tarot
Riola, Italy Fall 2008

The Magician The High Priestess The Empress The Emperor The Hierophant The Lovers The Chariot
Justice The Hermit The Wheel of Fortune Strength The Hanged One Death Temperance
The Devil The Tower The Star The Moon The Sun Judgment The World

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0 The Fool - Anissa Morello, I The Magician - Leslie Cochran, II The High Priestess - Diane Wilkes, III The Empress - Sue Silva, IV The Emperor - Teppei Ando, V The Hierophant - John Glock, VI The Lovers - NoMonet, VII The Chariot - Marie White, VIII Justice - Julie Cuccia Watts, IX The Hermit - Arnell Ando, X The Wheel of Fortune - Jean Hutter, XI Strength - Sally Anne Stephen, XII The Hanged One - Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, XIII Death - Michele Jackson, XIV Temperance - Lunaea Weatherstone, XV The Devil - Alexandra Genetti, XVI The Tower - Chris Paradis, XVII The Star - Joanna Powell Colbert, XVIII The Moon - Red Dog Scott, XIX The Sun - Tamar Solomon, XX Judgment - Elizabeth Cherry Owen, XXI The World - Teresa Taranto

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