II The High Priestess
Diane Wilkes
The Mists of Avalon

Morgaine, sister of the future King of England, goes to Avalon as a young girl to train as a priestess. Her Aunt Viviane is the High Priestess, and she teaches her to “Always believe what the Sight tells you, for it comes to you directly from the Goddess.”

In order to complete her training as Priestess, Morgaine is cast out of Avalon with only her ritual dagger. To return, she must break through the mists and summon the barge that will enable her to re-enter.

In the card, Morgaine stands between the misted, magical island of Avalon and Glastonbury, which represents patriarchal, regimented Christianity on earth. The barge is a vessel that allows her to navigate between the two worlds, an alembic that illustrates her newfound powers, knowledge, and abilities, including the Sight and the responsibilities it demands. While you can see the colors of the rainbow more clearly on the Glastonbury side, the rays radiate from Avalon as well, though they are more elusive to the average eye.

II - The High Priestess

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