X The Wheel of Fortune
Jean Hutter
Around the World in 80 Days

Traditional meanings for this card are: fate, destiny, luck, cycles, taking a chance and going with the flow. The literary work I chose to represent this card is "Around the World in Eighty Days" by Jules Verne. This story is fitting because this journey is undertaken as a result of a wager and so begins a fantastic adventure that spans the globe. Our travelers, Phileas Fogg and his faithful valet Passepartout, use many different forms of transportation on their race around the world. They have many ups and downs along the way but somehow seem to triumph over every obstacle that is put in their path. In the end they think all is lost but discover that they have indeed traversed the globe in the allotted time frame and as an added bonus Mr. Phileas Fogg has also won the love of Aouda, the beautiful Princess he rescued in India.

Notes on the card: in the background I have included compasses, a sexton, ship wheel, a passport and an image of the world. In the foreground is our hero Mr. Phileas Fogg after completing his fantastic journey. I wanted to keep to the theme of the wheel with circular images. I also wanted to include a figure on my card.

X - The Wheel of Fortune

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