XIX The Sun
Tamar Solomon
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Sun Card is a positive card, full of triumph, pleasure and youthful energy. It represents the truth and clarity that will inevitably come about after a period of darkness and confusion. The Sun is a symbol of reliability and resolution in a sense that, no matter how dark the situation, it will always rise the next day. In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain creates a character who embodies all of the glory, bliss, courage and success of the sun. Tom, a young boy growing up in St. Petersburg, Missouri is both mischievous and enchanted by life. He easily hops along from one adventure to the next, often getting himself into some sort of trouble. It never takes him much time to find his way out. This is most clearly represented by his famous scheme to weasel out of the punishment of whitewashing a fence. Even when stuck in the bleakest of situations Tom is able to triumph and come out on top. He is able to save himself and his friend Becky from near starvation after having strayed off course in a cave. Like the sun, Tomís reliability and assurance to completion of tasks always shines through.

XIX - The Sun

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