Osvaldo Menegazzi's Unique Artworks

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Mondori Art Exhibit
Menegazzi's Art Exhibit at the Mondori was held in Milano, Italy in the Spring of 2005
View an Eclectic Assortment of Tarot and Asian Inspired Art and Handcrafted Shadowbox Originals Created by Artisan, Osvaldo Menegazzi

Handcrafted Tarot Boxes ~ A beauty added Spring 2011
Osvaldo Menegazzi handcrafts gorgeous, one of a kind Tarot boxes in various sizes and styles. Click here for a few samples. A bonus photo-demo of his unique method included.

Handcrafted Shadowboxes
Osvaldo also makes exquisite, one of a kind Talisman Shadowboxes. These are created mainly from watercolor on treated papers which are then collaged along with actual cards in a 3 dimensional manner and set in a handcrafted wooden shadowbox frame. Each one is more mesmerizing than the last! The main themes for these one of a kind creations fall into 3 categories: Zodiac, Art and Tarot. (These are available to custom order via Osvaldo's daughter Cristina . Paypal orders now available via her e-mail address. Please remember English is a 2nd language. Prices do not include postage.)

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