Tarocco Dell'Orror/Horror Tarot
Artist: Giovanni Maiotti
78 Card, Full Color Tarot Pack
This is a Numbered, Limited Edition of 2500
Dimensions: 2 9/16" X 4 3/8 inches, 11.15 x 7.5 cm
Publisher: Il Meneghello, 1987
Sorry, Out of Print!
(Price: was € 35.00)

Specs: Tarocco Dell'Orror has ghoulish images in full color, printed on sturdy card stock. This 78 card Tarot deck is a satirical, often comical look at the Tarot bent on horrifying and entertaining. The titles are in Italian, as is the little leaflet that comes enclosed. The box is a sturdy book cover style with inner sleeve, tied with ribbons. The backs are a red and cream pattern and reversible.

Review by Michele Jackson on Tarot Passages

Tarocco Dell'Orror Box Cover

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