Last Update: November 6th 2017

Visited il Meneghello October 2017, at its busy, new location – it's as gorgeous as ever, tho quite a bit smaller & crowded with a great assortment of decks, prints and lovely displays showcasing Osvaldo Menegazzi’s mesmerizing artwork. A great pleasure to see him again and our friends.

While there we discovered il Meneghello is under new ownership. Cristina Dorsini has taken over shop management and quality control of historical decks. And we also learned that a new website is in the works.

So it is with a heavy heart I inform you this site, begun over 13 years ago with much love, as a gift to il Meneghello and the Tarot Community is no longer shared on the shop's business cards or new publications. But more troubling, Osvaldo himself is not mentioned on his shop business cards or recent reproductions.

I intend to keep this site online in its current state as a tribute to Osvaldo and his reputation for beautiful, handcrafted, limited edition decks and important historical reproductions. He remains the Maestro. May his legacy live on as he does in my heart.
Thank you xo, Arnell Ando

*Wonderful visit with Osvaldo Menegazzi in il Meneghello (w/ English Subtitles)

Click here for shelves displaying Osvaldo Menegazzi's decks

Click for Pictures of Osvaldo & family in previous il Meneghello

Note: Decks are Separated into 3 Categories Below:
Vintage & Classic Tarot Decks

Theme, Novelty and 'Fetish' Tarot Decks

Non-Traditional (Playing Cards & Minchiate Decks)

Rare shot of Tarot Tour Staff: Morena, Arnell, Michael, Andrea, Cristina, Maurizia & of course, Osvaldo

A few of Osvaldo's 3-D Esoteric Shadowbox Artworks

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