Way of the Current
Tarot Reflections
By: Stewart S. Warren
Softcover Book: 5” x 7” (12.7 x 17.8 cm)
Length: 186 pages
Published by Mercury HeartLink © 2014, New Mexico
Explores all 78 cards with the Tarot de Marseille by Jean Dodal (1701)

Way of the Current Full disclosure - I was already an enthusiast of Stewart Warren's writings on the theme of Tarot, before his embarkment on this latest quest. I have savored (slowly…) several of his delightfully inspirational works on this ever evolving art form and had the honor of writing the Introduction to his brilliant collection of poems, Pointing to my Heart, which were inspired by the ancient Visconti-Sforza Trumps (from the oldest known Tarocchi deck of Renaissance Italy,  1450).

With this latest endeavor, Warren uses the Tarot de Marseille deck designed by Jean Dodal, (Lyon circa 1701) and beautifully restored by Jean-Claude Flornoy. I find Stewart Warren's perceptive contemplations uplifting and encouraging; like an old friend sharing mysterious realms to explore together. He conveys complex concepts by painting images, patterns and visions on an inquisitive state of mind.

I must also confess to relying on Warren’s books for immediate inspiration in times of confusion or stress. I’ll randomly turn to a page with a worry or question in mind, and with amazing accuracy his words often hold the key to the door I’d been banging my head against. What can I say…I find Stewart's insightful musings calming yet invigorating, flowing, while also being quite grounding.

In Way Of The Current - Tarot Reflections, Warren visits all 78 cards, with a page for each card's contemplations along with a large, corresponding B&W image from Tarot de Marseille on the previous page for easy reference.

He explains early on that this book is not an introduction to Tarot or an in-depth exploration but rather an invitation for those who have a beginner’s mind and seek fresh perspectives and inspiration for further reflection.
He writes,

“As mirror of the soul,” the Tarot is a link between our conscious and subconscious mind, accurately reflecting the All as we learn how to frame our questions to life and how to listen to her reply.

While reading each wonderfully crafted description, my understanding of these 78 multifaceted symbolic images grows wider while emboldening me to the plunge ever deeper into their vast realms.

Here is his reflections on the XI Strength card:

Not armored but barefoot, she knows that Nature is her ally. Stage by stage we have been built, one dynamic step becoming the platform of the next. But no need to rebuke instinct.

Wild Desire is the forging of Life into form, the feet upon which we run, the howling of our ancestry toward the stars. Perhaps it is the younger, rational mind that must be tamed.

Reaching deeper into the core, I hold in my hand the molten heart of earth, the animal, the intellect, the soaring song of God’s wish for me. This is Power.

I highly recommend this book as well as all previous explorations he has taken with Tarot in his impressive catalog. His unique perspectives and gracefully nuanced prose make a wondrous voyage for a curious, restless and searching mind.

Stewart S. Warren

Stewart Warren is the author of nineteen poetry collections thus far. He was born in 1950 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and hit the road early on; engaging in a life of self discovery and creative expression. His poetry is both personal and transcendent with subtle mystical undertones. As a publishing coach, facilitator and community organizer he helps others realize their own intuitive nature and creative visions. Stewart resides in New Mexico where he does various workshops and conferences when he’s not off traveling the globe. He owns the indie printing press Mercury HeartLink where he also guides others in publication. You can find all of his current work on his site and Amazon.com. I also encourage you to read this fascinating interview with Bob King, who captures the essence of this wildly imaginative outlaw poet.

(Commentary by Arnell Ando)

Images & passages courtesy of Way of the Current © 2014, New Mexico