Eight of Wands - Travel, progress, activity

An artist pauses momentarily before adding the final touches to her Tarot shop model. Her journal and calendar both indicate much preparedness for this new enterprise. Even more activity and travel lie ahead, once this new line of work is officially launched.

Meanings: The end of delay or stagnation. A busy, exciting time ahead suggesting travel and exploration. Be open to new prospects and opportunities on the horizon. Reversed: Progress may be delayed. More focus and contemplation advised. Be aware of signs before proceeding.

Eight of Wands

Note: This new version of the 8 of Wands was dedicated to dear Diane Wilkes. She has been a great friend and support over the years. This miniature Tarot shop is the one I made for her (Diane was the first to place an order). The note scribbled in the journal writes: "Make a Tarot Shop for Diane W. of Tarot Passages a great support. signed, AA"

Eight of Wands Enlarged Detail

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