Museo Dei Tarocchi
Via Arturo Palmieri, 5
40047 RIOLA di Vergato, (Bologna) Italy
Reservations Needed
Director: Morena Poltronieri
Tel. (011-39) + 051916563  Cell (011-39) + 3394675826
*Note - if calling from U.S., Italy country code: 39. Dial 011-39 and the rest of the number.

The Tarot Museum, Italy In this age of division, the Museo di Tarocchi (Museum of Tarot) would like to create a link to the past and an active and tangible challenge to the detractors of this universe. The ancient symbol still exists and every day the artist transforms it, like a skillful alchemist at one with the potent substance which will be turned into Gold. The Museum of Tarot is honored to give a venue to all artists who have been dedicated to this subject matter and will shine a light on that which too often is at risk of remaining hidden or of being forgotten. That ageless wisdom found in symbols and myths, often shrouded from contemporary reality, lives on with a passionate and persistent zeal. The Museum of Tarot takes responsibility in giving visibility to the symbol, which exists within the Arcana so that everyone can benefit from its power and depth in the new millennium. The uniqueness of this endeavor consists in being the first center in Italy and in the world, which approaches Art and Tarot with the same level of dedication and spirit. We offer our visitors a breathtaking visceral experience of unique collections of Tarot in their entirety and original artworks contributed by both Italian and international artists who work with the most versatile techniques and mediums from patchwork to sculpture, painting to graphic arts and from video performance to music.

Art and Symbols in the Magical Aura of a Spellbound Place

Tarot Museum Art The Museum is set in an enchanting historical building from the 1600’s, which has been completely restored. It is nestled in surrounding woods between Bologna and Pistoia. Each visit will be a delightful surprise and a personalized experience, and in fact we’ll accompany you on a mystical journey inside the forest of symbols. For this reason, please keep in mind that reservations are needed.

Original Art Work Collection

The Museum offers an unprecedented collection from some of the greatest international artists including Renato Guttuso, Franco Gentilini, Enrico Baj, Renato Meneghetti, Andrea Picini, Osvaldo Menegazzi, Arnell Ando, Jacob Kunstmann, Ute Ogelferr, Cathia Plate, and Will Parfitt.
A special thanks for the prestigious editions donated by Il Meneghello of Milan.

The collection showcases original artworks of artists of Europe, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Uruguay, the U.S.A. and Africa.

The Museum's goals are:

  • Creation of a database of all artists whose works are displayed in the museum, together with their CV (Bio) as well as insightful notes shared by the artists themselves to better illustrate their works.
  • Research focused on old and ancient Tarot to help promote the preservation of that which throughout the centuries gave life and meaning to this creative means of expression.
  • Creation of a vast database to record a census of the most important and influential decks in the world.
  • Workshops and conferences with various guest artists and speakers.
  • Organization and promotion of special events and exhibitions.
  • Creation of a virtual tour website of the Museum.
  • Creation of a lending library of books, and of rare and unusual texts.
The Tarot Museum Thanks to the collaboration with the Publishing House Hermatena, the Museum of Tarot is proud to offer a publishing line with the purpose of researching the Symbols and their vast history. These editions are available in the finest Italian bookstores and in those of Canton Ticino.

The Museum organizes fascinating guided sightseeing tours through the magical mysteries of Italian and foreign cities. Such excursions have already been provided for years with the cooperation of the Councillorships of Culture and Tourism for which booking is recommended. Tarot Museum Art Collection

Thematic Guided Tours

It is possible to arrange special guided tours exclusively with the Museum when booking ahead that will allow you to enter a spellbound world of the Tarot through innumerable interpretive channels.

Tarot Museum Reading the Symbols: You begin with the archetypes that the Tarot may evoke, to decipher the deepest meanings and connect them to existing symbols found in the principal artistic and architectural realizations of Italian cities. Every experience offers a bridge between Medieval and Renaissance Art, up to present time.
Esoteric Assessment: Through the analysis of the symbol we will visit ancient stories and myths, which carry mysterious currents that have influenced the history of the Tarot throughout the world.
The History of the Tarot: China, India, the Gypsies, Egypt, the Cabal and all the other hypotheses that may have influenced our understanding of the history of Tarot will be examined.
Iconography of the Tarot in Art: A journey through sources that have influenced ancient art, myth and symbology until contemporary times.
The Tarot and Interpretative Art: The 22 Major Arcana envisioned as an evolutionary path.
Tarot and Sibyls: A comparison between these two different interpretational methods.
Comparison of Symbols: A comparative look at the symbolic language of Tarot, Astrology, Runes, Ogham, and the I-Ching will be explored.

Experience of 5 Senses An Experience Through the Five Senses

A visual exploration that may evoke primordial emotions and a sense of deep connection will be experienced along with touch , through the various forms of tactile Tarot shared by Barbieri Colri Marino; with an auditory experience provided by beautifully composed music performed by Giovanni Imparato along with the researcher Giovanni Pelosini; with the sense of smell activated by essential oils and delicate perfumes tied to the symbolism of the Arcana, with a taste created along with distinctive flavors associated with the Arcana by the researcher Ernesto Fazioli.
For what the sixth sense may awaken within, let inspiration guide you…

The Museum Library

Tarot Library A vital wing of the Museum is dedicated to the library of research. Various books related to contemporary artists are at your disposal. Additionally, ample space is provided by Hermatena, the publisher, with a full range of hermetical research, spanning history, with special attention given to the relationship of Art and Architecture. Furthermore, over one thousand books related to a wide variety of relatable themes are available, all of them strictly in keeping with the deep research of these mysterious arts.

Proposals of the Tarot Museum

  • Magic Garden: practical presentations, seminars and courses designed to create an atmospheric Garden inspired by the Tarot.
  • Tarot and Comic Strips: the magic of images found in the world of illustration.
  • LabOratorim: meetings to realize research projects, artistic pursuits, and meditations on the Tarot.
  • Labs for Children: The world of fables associated with the Major Arcana.

Limited Edition Tarot Decks and Art

Tarot Decks of the Museum: These are special editions personally tended by the Museum of Tarot and chosen from artist’s works from around the world. These special editions are produced in small limited series of 500 copies, each personally signed by the artist. They embody the world of collectivism.

Collections of Precious Arts: These are special editions admired by the collector and lover of the art of Tarot. They are unusual works of contemporary art of great quality which deepen and expand our awareness of the Tarot. These publications are limited editions from 50 to 200 copies, from all over the world. These rare artworks are personally refined by the artists, which make them unique works destined to acquire great value over the course of time.

Unique Original Artworks: These are original artworks not in circulation, created by gifted international artists and offered by the Museum of Tarot.

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