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Hope you enjoy this artsy smorgasbord of passion projects

2 examples of Arnell's double sided 3D Tarot pendants (45039 bytes)

A Line of 3D, Double-Sided, Unusual Tarot Talismans

hp-mirror.jpg (45039 bytes)
The High Priestess Tarot Mirror

Tarot Mirrors
Unique Tarot mirrors of Major Arcana imagery that resonate. How meaningful and meditative to see our own reflection as we contemplate the metaphors, symbols and archetypes that inspire favorite Tarot card themes such as Strength, Hermit, Lovers, Moon, High Priestess, Empress… These are handmade collages created on wooden mirrors. Favorite Tarot cards and art from various mediums intertwine and reflect the card’s meanings. A good affirmation tool for when you want to see yourself reflected in the cards...and a lovely wall hanging. Each mirror signed on the back and a one of a kind creation. Mirror size: 10 x 10 inch frame plus the 4 x 4 mirror in the center.

empress-mirror.jpg (46631 bytes)
The Empress

strength_mirror2.jpg (42084 bytes)
The Strength Mirror

loversmirror.jpg (46631 bytes)
The Lovers Mirror

The Hermit Mirror

Deathmirror2.jpg (45283 bytes)
The Death Mirror

moonmirror.jpg (53370 bytes)
The Moon Mirror

One of a Kind Miniature Tarot Parlor Shadowbox
The only Tarot Parlor of its kind, designed and crafted by hand. It is made of wood and the front is Plexiglas. Once the miniatures were secured in place, it was sealed and can't be opened. The Tarot Parlor contains an antique style chair (with magic wand leaning against it), a wooden bookcase with a selection of popular Tarot books & decks, along with a crystal ball & teacup. The side walls are covered with Ozvaldo Menegazzi's 'I Gatti Buffi' Cat Tarot wall paper and the back wall has purple & white striped wallpaper. There is a Fool card and two World cards from different decks framed and hung as well as my Lover's Tarot mirror, a Goddess, sculpture and small shelf with more esoteric knickknacks. The wooden counter has bowls and jars of beads, shells and other trinkets, Tarot decks, a phone and a book with the Sun & Moon cards displayed. The floor has deep purple carpeting. Victorian style lace paper is collaged on the outside of the shadow box, with purple paint and ribbon piping accents. Size: 11 1/4 inches tall x 13 1/3 '' wide x 4 3/4'' deep. Hand-signed original.

Miniature Tarot Parlor Shadowbox

3D Tarot Art Boxes
Unique Tarot art boxes with different looks and sizes. Newer Hero's Journey deck sets  have a larger version of this style of handcrafted box featuring 3 cards from that deck. Each art box, no matter the size, has a smaller art work fastened on top, (collaged on thick cardstock to give more dimension). The inside top of the box also has artwork which has been collaged onto thick cardstock. There is a 3rd artwork on the bottom inside of the box (one box in the image below is open to reveal an Empress card on the inner lid and the Lucky Pack World card on the inside bottom of box). The top and bottom is larger than the center section, giving added distinction. And the bottom of box has 4 polished glass slippers.
The size of each art box shown on this page: 3 1/2" long x 2 1/2" wide and 1 1/4" deep.

A few examples of Tarot Art Boxes with one opened

Box opened to reveal art collaged (on cardstock) of inner lid & art on bottom of inner box

2 pics displaying the outer look of new art boxes

3D look and polished glass 'slippers' more visible in this image.

Making Tarot dolls whenever the spirit inspires. Sewing beads and charms as well as a tiny Tarot card that characterize the personality of a Major Arcana doll. Adding a 'soul' (something inside representing a wish or focus) before finishing off with pop-up paints. A broach pin on the reverse side so the doll can be worn or used in ritual. Each one unique (once a doll is sold another may be created that looks different than the example shown, tho it will be just as charmed .) Each Tarot doll is a signed, one of a kind original. The size is around 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.

Devil and Moon Tarot Dolls

Fool and High Priestess Dolls

Empress and Sun Dolls

Death and Star Tarot Dolls

Tarot Celtic Cross, Box and Major Arcana Set
This Celtic Cross box set was inspired by one K. Frank Jensen made for his Pixie Smith inspired Major Arcana. There are 22 Major Arcana in Tarot and...22 panels of this Celtic cross. In Arnell's set she painted and collaged a wooden box and collaged the Celtic cross with various handmade papers and each of the Major Arcana from her deck, Transformational Tarot. In the set is also a mini laminated version of the Trans T. Major Arcana. Similar sets were available with her Hero's Journey and Lucky Pack Trumps.
Box Size: 5 3/4" Wide 4 1/4" Deep 2 1/2" High - Cards: 3" x 2" Cross: 3" x 3"

cross_box_open3.jpg (33821 bytes)
Tarot Celtic Cross, Deck and Box Set

cross_box1.jpg (34418 bytes)
Box Top