Visconti Tarot Themed Boxes
These large Visconti themed boxes are lovely and elaborate. They have an antique-old world style,  having been crafted by hand by a seasoned artisan, without the use of rulers or modern implements. They have a 3 Dimensional effect because the cards fastened to the fronts are thick and bolted on by antique tacks. These one of a kind boxes crafted by Osvaldo Menegazzi, are made of sturdy cardboard (with layers of treated paper glued on in a Paper-Mache style). They are signed and dated ~ with his wax seal adding the final touch. In some cases you can purchase them with or without the large version of his Visconti deck.

For more details and price, please visit this page.

Here is a pictorial demo of Osvaldo making a Large Visconti Tarot Box

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