Un Grande Amore in 22 Arcani - A Great Love in 22 Major Arcana
Created by Franco Coletti
Published by il Meneghello in 2011
A Very Limited Edition of Only Twelve Sets
Signed & Numbered by the Artist
Includes a Text Card in Italian
Card Dimensions: 5.5 inches by 3.5 inches, approximately (14 x 9 cm.)
Cards are Numbered with Text in Italian
Card Backs: Have an Image (Not Reversible)
Price: € 60. Euro

Franco Coletti is a compelling, prolific artist; having created several introspective decks dedicated to true love; a woman simply referred to as 'D'. It seems apparent that she has cast quite the spell but that if his heart aches, it does so willingly and with a gladness that is dark and deep. With each deck he reveals more his inner torture and the overwhelming pleasure of being bewitched by this hypnotic, sensual creature. He seems to be learning as much about his inner demons and angels as he is about the heart's limitless appetite. An affair such as this, is not for the faint of heart and a few of the images are sexually explicit but hopefully would not offend (but it is worth mentioning).

An attempt was made at a translation of Franco Coletti's text card for Un Grande Amore but it was impossible to read the handwritten note, especially with such a limited grasp of Italian. But it seemed in part to be thanking those that encouraged this creatively therapeutic effort to put feelings into the context of the Major Arcana and that it gave his experience a heightened awareness and a way to express the complexity of his feelings and thoughts.

Franco Coletti shares of himself that he was born in Milan on the 23rd of November, 1949 and that he continues to live there; nowadays with two cats and a lot of memories. He has a degree in philosophy but did not find it useful for understanding life, so has decided just to live. In the 1980's and '90's he had exhibits in Rome and Lomellina, got married and had an interest in shamanism, creative dance and Eastern culture. Four years ago he came to know a woman and this incident rekindled his heart to dream. She inspires paintings, drawings and nowadays is the inspiration to whom he dedicates the greater part of the Tarot mystery series of "D"; black, red and green. In 2011 he met Osvaldo Menegazzi and thanks to him, these decks have come to be. He is not in a hurry to die.

The cards appear to be etchings painted with water colors and pastels on a semi-gloss cardstock. Ms. 'D' is featured on the backs of the cards (shown below) and therefore this deck is not reversible. The cards are numbered and the titles are written in Italian. The deck includes a numbered, signed Title card.

The Un Grande Amore set, comes in a decorated cardboard box with a colored rendition of Lady 'D' and the handwritten words: Les Tarot D. This image is not featured in the deck itself. This card is mounted on thick cardstock onto the box cover, giving it an added dimensional appearance along with the il Meneghello hot wax seal. It is a potent, rare collectable which became available in late 2011.

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*November 2012 update*
Available now is this
book of Coletti's poetry, called Evil Does Not Exist, Poems for D
beautifully translated into English

Cards shown on this page are 0 - Fool Card, 1 - Magician, 4 - Emperor - top row
6 - Lovers 7 - Chariot and 9 - Hermit - 2nd row
10 - Wheel, 13 - Death, and 14 - Temperance - 3rd row
16 - Tower, Description Card and the Card Back - bottom row

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