i nuovi Tarocchi dell'amor Sacro e Profano - A New Tarot of Sacred and Profane Love
Created by Franco Coletti
A Very Limited Edition, 78 Card Deck of Only Twelve Sets
Published by il Meneghello in 2012
Signed & Numbered by the Artist
Includes a 44 Page Booklet in Italian (English Version Upon Request)
Card Dimensions: 5.5 inches by 3.5 inches, approximately (14 x 9 cm.)
Card Numbers and Text in Italian
Card Backs: Have an Image (Not Reversible)
Price: € 120. Euro

As close as can be surmised, this is the seventh Tarot deck at the hands of Franco Coletti created within less than a year's time. It seems fair to assume that aside from being a compelling collection of work for Tarotists to discover; this is also a deeply meaningful and therapeutic process for a tortured artist who struggles with a deep, abiding love for a woman whom he adores but can not fully possess. Such an educated and learned man, with no limit to his creative imagination as Signor Coletti, finds himself expressing a full range of emotions and experiences within the context of Tarot from many different perspectives. With each deck he reveals more of his philosophy on love and life, as well as his torment and ecstasy, while exploring the meanings of the cards in often innovative ways. It is also clear that he has no interest in making money from these endeavors since the decks are reasonably priced, given the quality of the production and are limited to only twelve  in each series (fourteen in the case of Divina Commedia's Tarot) and obviously not meant for wide distribution or mass production. It is apparent that the journey and not the destination is what is most meaningful to this artist and those of us lucky enough to tag along are that much richer for the experience.

Coletti shares in the introduction that he allowed himself the space to express his experiences within the Major Arcana while devoting the Minor Arcana to four beloved writers. Coins was dedicated to Goethe, the Wands to Biacomo Leopardi (Italian poet, essayist and philosopher); the suit of Cups was bestowed upon Emily Dickinson and the Swords given over to the realm of John Keat's gloomy love story. These four writers were also honored with the King (or in the case of Ms. Dickenson; the Queen) of their suit.

The titles and numbers are written in Italian but while the cards, including the Minor Arcana have pictorial imagery, the Minors also include the exact number of symbols so as to make it easy to discern which card is which for non-Italian readers. The artworks are printed on textured cardstock. The mysterious Ms. 'D' is featured on the back of the deck (shown below) and therefore the cards are not reversible. A numbered, signed Title card is included in the set.

Inuovi Tarocchi dell'amor Sacro e Profano is presented with a handsome, sturdy crafted box which has a title card of thick card stock affixed to the top; giving it an appealing look. It includes the finishing touch of Osvaldo's signature hot wax seal as well as the familiar il Meneghello logo on the side. This deck became available in 2012. A love affair such as this, is not for the faint of heart and a couple of the images in this deck are a little explicit but hopefully will not offend (but it is worth mentioning). Mr. Coletti has thoughtfully translated into English the forty-four page booklet and we are given not only a brief description citing literary and philosophical influences and inspirations, but he also shares several love poems. While poetry is often eyed with suspicion and can get a bad rap; the overwhelming consensus of Franco's offerings is positive. Given that it is translated to English and so looses some of its original meanings and potency, it is still quite moving and beautiful, even for a jaded, cynical heart such as mine. Some of the images in this deck are obviously reflected in the prose giving them additional layers of meaning and nuance.

While much of the poetry is long, intricate; while weaving intriguing themes, here is one of more straightforward poems shared in this collection:

Nothing have I ever loved more than you.
Let the thunder be my witness, the soaked
leaves, the wind that whirls
outside on the flooded terrace, inside my heart
imbued like a sponge
that can not contain much more.

They say that witches ride the storms,
bringing fear to conformists
- And strange and nameless hopes to others.
I know You're coming with this storm; you're
straddling the leaden clouds
-And you're stronger than them all.

I am without an umbrella, on my knees,
among cold and dark puddles.
I watch you coming: I open my arms and
the storm inside of me.

I invoke you: you that does not curdle milk, but
makes the blind see.

*November 2012 update*

Available now is this
book of Coletti's poetry, called Evil Does Not Exist, Poems for D
beautifully translated into English

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Cards shown on this page are II - High Priestess, XII - Hanged Man, XIII - Death - top row
Ace of Wands, Two of Wands and Five of Wands - 2nd row
Two of Cups, Five of Cups, and Knight of Cups - 3rd row
Nine of Coins, Title Card and the Card Back - bottom row

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