22 "Massonici" in Una Libera Interpretazione
(a free-style interpretation of Masonic symbology)
Very Limited Edition, Hand-Crafted Deck & Box Set
Numbered & Signed by Osvaldo Menegazzi
- Milano 2011 -

Example of the smaller 22 "Massonici" Handcrafted Set (€160.)

Example of smaller handcrafted set (€160.) alongside a less expensive set with large cards on right (€60.)

Closer view of box set with large cards ~ 250 numbered sets: €60.

Large handcrafted box sets including two of the 22 "Massonici" €250.

Master craftsman Osvaldo Menegazzi has created an incredibly beautiful deck of Major Arcana cards based on symbology of the Freemasons. Each card beautifully depicts mysterious, alluring Masonic imagery and/or iconic symbols; many familiar even to the novice interpreter, while also embracing the meanings of each of Tarot card. Those who understand Tarot symbology will intuit some of the meanings behind Masonic symbology in this clever, enlightening offering.

The Special Edition Box Set
A hand-crafted box comes with the Major Arcana cards and the set is available in two sizes in this very limited edition of only 36 copies. Each box designed by Osvaldo is an incredibly intricate, unique work of art. Tarot imagery from the deck is collaged on painted wooden slabs and fastened to the box giving it an added 3 dimensional presentation which is quite stunning. Osvaldo's logo and signature hot-wax seal are the finishing touches to the box set.

The Major Arcana Cards
The gorgeous artwork for each of the 22 Major Arcana cards is mounted on thick cardstock with a dark brown paper wrapped around, (from back to the front edges and folded down at each corner), giving it a vintage look.

Each set has a signed & numbered signature card in lovely handwritten calligraphy on specialty paper. A new personal favorite, it is a rare and precious collectable, quite impossible to describe in all its fabulousness. Designed by Osvaldo Menegazzi and made by hand in his workshop, il Meneghello, this set became available in late 2011.

Three versions of 22 "Massonici" in Una Libera Interpretazione:
Two versions come in handcrafted boxes while a third; more reasonably priced set, is a large sized deck in a decorated cardboard box which is a numbered, limited edition set (of 250).

1) Large Size Box: Approximately 8 in. tall x 5 inches wide, 20 cm x 12 cm.
Cards: 6'' long x 4'' wide - 15.25 cm x 10 cm.
Only 36 signed and numbered sets will be made.
Price: €250. Euro

2) Smaller Size Box: Approximately 8" L x 3 inches W, 20.32 cm x 7.62 cm.
Cards: 3 1/2" long x 2 1/4'' wide - 8.9 cm x 5.75 cm
Only 36 signed and numbered sets will be made.
Price: €160. Euro

3) Large Deck in Decorated Cardboard Box: 7" L x 4.5 inches W, 17.78 cm x 11.43 cm.
Cards: 5 1/2" long x 4'' wide - 14 cm x 10.16 cm
250 numbered sets
The box has the il Meneghello hot wax seal
Price: €60. Euro

These handmade boxes typically have a wooden 'door knob' drawer. Cards from the deck are mounted on the front in a 3 dimensional tiered manner.
'Il Meneghello' logo as well as a hand written description is often mounted on each side of the box along with Osvaldo's hot wax seal adding a final touch.

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