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Arnell's Workshop Updated: December 1st 2022

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Finally had time & focus to rebuild the late, great Tarot artist, author & historian, K. Frank Jensen's site that we'd created together over the years, but which unexpectedly & unceremoniously was vanquished after Frank passed in 2016. Had I known I'd have offered to host it then to save more of his historically significant, fascinating Manteia catalogs. Most everything else has been restored and I hope to scan & repost his remaining missing Manteia catalogs as time allows. Unless folks come forward to share those pdfs, which would certainly speed up the process. He was a dear friend to me and many, and sorely missed, but glad to keep him with us in this ethereal way.

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Thrilled to share Video Tarot a hand-numbered, Limited Ed. deck set, with artist son, Teppei that explores Tarot trump archetypes, viewed through the lens of 22 celebrated indie films (published by Arnell's Art in late 2020)

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The magnificent Pholarchos Tarot! - a dreamy, deeply meaningful, 78 Card Deck & Book, created by Italian artist, Carmen Sorrenti and published by Arnell's Art. Here are just a few fav Reviews & Unboxings. Currently her illuminating full-length companion guide is available for free download!

My handmade, double-sided, 3-D Tarot Talismans - sometimes available in my wee Etsy shop.
Unique, one of a kind, (with symbolic, dimensional & esoteric elements). For ritual work or just fun.

2 examples of Arnell's double sided 3D Tarot pendants (45039 bytes)

Unique, one of a kind, (with symbolic, dimensional & esoteric elements)

 Ellen's Tarot of the Crone Reprint 2021 (45039 bytes)

I continue to enjoy working with Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, on her various projects...

Her highly acclaimed Tarot of the Crone was available in 2021 as a larger deck & booklet set in a limited edition of only 250 which sold out after only a month!
The Crone Playbook (different from soft-cover booklet included in the deck set) is still available for download, as is lwb.

Ellen's Dark Goddess Tarot (originally published by Arnell's Art in 2013) is now available with a full color book published by Schiffer Publishing. Big congrats to Ellen! Her 168 page, full color eBook is still available in English & French.

Ellen's Minoan Tarot - a well researched, beautiful deck & book set based on this ancient culture is still available but stock is dwindling!

And now... Ellen's latest incredible offering is the Greek Goddess Tarot, a full 78 card deck with booklet.

 Ellen's Greek Goddess Tarot, Fall 2022 (45039 bytes)

For those hoping to make your own deck, my evolving essay: How to Self Publish Your Own Deck has useful notes & new links

Tarot Travel Guide of Italy
full of fascinating details about Tarot's history with lots of color imagery, reference maps & weblinks to magical places & artists met on our previous 3 tours
Available as an eBook PDF (the most updated version) - only $5.

Transformational Tarot - first self-published in 1996 and then
by U.S. Games, 2006 is sadly long Out of Print. It was wonderful connecting with
fabulous Tarot readers, artists & scholars. I deeply appreciate all the support
and a tip of the hat to Stuart Kaplan of U.S Games for making it happen!

Fun Project: Family Court Deck using Tarot de Marseille cards as templates.

The Tarot Museum in Italy invited me to host a special collaborative deck in 2008 ,
with 21 favorite U.S. Tarot artists: 'LiteraTarot America' remains a highlight in my Tarot career.

A mini site created to showcase the Italian Tarot Museum
Specs on decks, esoteric tours to Italy, etc. Discounts on most offerings (within the U.S.)

This legacy site designed for 'il Meneghello',
dedicated to Italian artist, publisher, and dear ol' friend, Osvaldo Menegazzi

Essays, Reviews, Interviews and Fun Projects

Deck Making/Publishing/Process

Updated the ever evolving article Making and (Self) Publishing Your Own Tarot Deck

Making a Collage Tarot deck

Useful Tips on Making Your Own Collage Deck

The Creative Process of Making a Collage Tarot Deck

Essay: Why the 'H' Would You Put Your Own Image on the Devil Card?

Other Authors on Deck Making:

Mary Griffin, artist of Hezicos Tarot shares her creative process and self-publishing details

Michelle Cohen shares her deck making method

Jean Hutter shares her deck making method

Fun, Experiential Exercises

Marseille Family Deck: A personal, unpublished project of my weird family, who just so happen to fit the personalities of the Court Cards perfectly.

Updated - Tarot Truisms (Quotes)

Updated - Major Arcana 'Cliff Notes' (with movie references)

Creative Ways to Use a Tarot Journal

A Creative Tarot Story Project

A Visualization of the Fool's Journey

Updated - Major Arcana Key (includes movie associations)

Sample Key of the Suits and Court Cards

A Major Arcana Journal Exercise

A Few art collabs Arnell contributed to plus notes on creative process

Favorite Tarot Spread (from Crowley's LWB). Here is an adaptation of it using Transformational Tarot deck

A Handy Blank Celtic Cross Spread Chart to Print for Clients or Journal (PDF)

Reviews of (OOP) Transformational Tarot

Arnell's Write-ups of a Few Favorite Tarot Decks & Books

Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck, by Hettienne Grobler

Review of Way of the Current - Stewart Warren's insightful exploration of the 78 cards with Tarot de Marseille

Review of Tarot de St. Croix (2014)

Review of handcrafted deck by Eric K. Lerner, Radiant Spleen

Write-ups with sample pics of the decks published by Museo dei Tarocchi

A Goddess Tarot Deck originally created from ceramic tiles Tarocchi, Gli Arcani Maggiori by Italialn artist Daniela Rinaldi

Nemorino and the Fool's Bundle A Children's Tarot Tale in German By Gion Mathias Cavelty

Steampunk Tarot self-published by Charissa Drengsen

el Tarot de Marcelino by Lynyrd Narciso

Isabel Snail Tarot by Beth Seilonen

The Odyssey Tarot by artist, Jean Hutter

Interviews + Podcast:
Tarot writer and creator of Tarot of the Masters James Ricklef interviews Arnell

A podcast interview Arnell did with Anastasia and Rose Red of BATS (Bay Area Tarot Symposium) (also available on iTunes).

Artella 'Daily Muse' Interview with Arnell

Arnell & Michael's Visits to Italy Years Before Organizing the Tarot Art History Tours:
of 2011, 2012 and 2015

Arnell's visit to the Tarot Museum (Museo dei Tarocchi) and to Il Meneghello - Italy - 2007

Tarot in Milan, Italy - 2004 (updated in 2008)

Michael & Arnell's 1st Italy Tarot Trip With Brian Williams, 1999